Fishing Tips for Striped Bass Video

In this video, SharkMan shares some of his fishing tips for striped bass. He talks about the gear that he uses when he goes fishing. He shows how to pick the right light tackle and gives us a detailed explanation about the best lure, reel and rod on the market.

For your reading pleasure here is the transcription from the video by the SharkMan.

Hey, what’s up! This is SharkMan. I’m getting ready to go fishing in a couple hours, early evening and basically I wanted to show you guys what I use when I go out there; cause basically a lot of people have been asking me what I use when I go on the surf? How big my rod is? What I use, what’s my line? Whatever! So anyways, I’m gonna go over really briefly with you, so you can see what I’m using. Basically what I use, I like to use light tackle, you know as you all know. I use a 7 and a half foot rod, basically but what I got added to it was eight inches to the butt. Now I got that custom added to my rod. For example I am gonna show you. This is how you could tell: For a light tackle rod, if you want to use it on the surf, basically I like it to be halfway on my bicep; you see how it’s about halfway to my bicep.

That’s perfect for our casting over and over on the surf. Any longer it’d be a long casting rod so, you know it’s your choice but I like it about halfway on my bicep. It’s a 7 and a half foot rod with eight inches added to the butt. Basically it’s a Dobyns rod and so that’s my rod. Basically my reel I’m using is a 4000 series. I sometimes use 3000 series but I find 4000 series to be the best you know. It’s basically you hook a big fish, you know you’re not gonna worry about losing it by it spore you or something. So, you know I like using 3000s but sometimes you hook those really big stripers and you’ll kinda wish you had a 4000 on there. So, you know if you’re gonna buy one set up, a 3000 or 4000, I suggest you buy a 4000 series. Of whatever kind of reel you want, but mines a Shimano Stradic CI4 4000. So basically, that’s what I use. And today, you know I’m gonna use a Bucktail Jig, this Bucktail Jig is seven eights of an ounce. It has a 6-inch cool tail on here. You know I am choosing white today and I like chartreuse, the color of the Bucktail Jigs. So this ones gonna be chartreuse, with little white in it, little little sparkle there. You know that’s my lure that I’m gonna use today.

Sometimes I use SP metals, but that’s my lure today. So basically I just wanted to go over that really fast. Oh! And my line, when I go into surf, sometimes I use 20 pound test but right now on here is 30 pound test braided. Now the kinda braided I use is cheap braided that I bought on ebay. You know really, braided doesn’t matter to me you know, it’s like it’s all strong, it works all good; you don’t have to go spend your money get name brand if you don’t want to, you know I bought mine on ebay like I said, really cheap. 12 bucks for like 300 yards; just go on ebay press Braided online and you’ll, you’ll find a lot on there. Anyways, so that’s my setup on the surf and I’ll turn back on the camera, as soon as I hookup. So, until then, peace! Oh! one more thing, that’s my camaro. I’ve been working on this during the summer. That’s been taking up a lot of my time. This and working out and also, you know I’ve just been really busy, so I’m sorry I haven’t put up a lot of videos, but I’ll try to do what I can do okay? So until next time, peace! I hope you enjoy this video cause I know I am gonna hook up, alright.
Alright, videos on everybody. Say Cheese! Hahaha!
Yeah Baby! Yeah! Finally! Alright. There you go baby! Yeah baby! Alright, there goes a striper, nice striper, just hooked it up. Out here on the surf fall with my homeboys. Haha!

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