Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques

Total rock bass in the video: 32
Total smallmouth bass in the video: 5
Total fallfish in the video: 1
Total walleye in the video: 1

Best fallfish in the video: 17:39
Best smallmouth bass in the video: 16:02
Best rock bass in the video: 11:41
Best walleye in the video: 9:54
Showing the night jigging technique: 3:52
Final haul: 19:31

I was jig fishing at small rivers and a spillway in New York during fall (mid October, 2014). I started by night fishing for panfish at a spillway with Berkley Gulp minnow jigs and curly tail jigs, and I caught a bunch of rock bass before sunrise. Hours later, I started jigging bucktail jigs in small rivers, and I ended up catching a limit of smallmouth bass and a big fallfish. I crashed for the rest of the day and then took the final haul off ice and showed it just after sunset.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!