Fishing Tips for Smallmouth Bass Video

In this video Doug Stange from In-Fisherman TV share some of his fishing tips for smallmouth bass, tactics and secrets for successful fishing of small mouth bass. Smallmouth bass fishing requires a calm mind and accuracy along with few strategies. A fisherman must be good, but also technical.

For your reading pleasure here is the transcription from video from Doug Stange.

Sometimes tactical changes are so straightforward they really don’t require much explanation; especially when you can see the tactics unfold in the field, in action as is the case here. Oh! Big fish, they are strong! And I’ve got a secret to show you. Oh! Look at that. Beautiful, short, stocky. Probably about 17, 18 inches. Beautiful fish! And, here’s the secret: we’re gonna talk about this. One more look at the fish and we’ll let her go here.

Alright, back you go big guy. There we are. Alright, and there’s what’s doing the damage. Little terminator, in line spinner, right like that and of course this is an age-old option for smallmouth bass but it doesn’t get used a lot in a lot of situations today and it’s very appealing. But, we’ve got some tricks to show you, not the least of which is no surprise maybe, I loved a couple swimbaits with just about everything because of the vibration.

Overlooked option, not exactly a secret but not many people use that in lot of situations. I am gonna show you how to do it. Just a slow grinding retrieve, got smooth 832 line on here, Sufix 832 to make long cast if I want to. The blade stomping this a swimbait body is swimming and thumping; both of them are just doing their thing. And not only is it a great visual picture to the fish but when they get up close, I keep saying this, all that vibration has being given of both from the spinner and from the swimbait itself is what seals the deal by triggering some sort of predatory response as that stimulates their lateral line; that’s a sense that we don’t have.

I can just feel vibrations in the water. There we go. Fiesti! Come on up. Boy you’re nice average fish. Into the net! Another big fish man! Boy they are Fiesti! Oh man! Look at that, beautiful! That is a big fish. That one’s gonna go, 4 and a half pounds man, wow! 20 inches, maybe a little longer. Oh man! They’re pretty aren’t they? Man! I just love to look at the eyes, the fins stick up so beautifully and big. Fish on the river have a broad chest here lot of times. Look at that, they’re something. Alright, well we’d put this one back and I wanna deconstruct this spinner that I’ve got, because it’s all you know sort of totally tinkered with. Right there you go buddy!

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips