Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips For Summer

Remember to please visit us at and order any DVD’s on the same subject or species…Slop Fishing for Largemouth Bass: In this episode we go looking for ol’ bucketmouth in the slop and weeds of a lake near Monticello, NY on the Eldred preserve. My guest for this week’s show is Rick Faulkner, a touring bass pro on the circuit here in the northeast. We’re using light spinning tackle for this challenge with only 8 pound test or so and fishing the edges and holes in the thick mats of weed that cover this and many lakes, just like the one in your backyard. Using plastic baits rigged weightless and weedless, we’re able to pull some nice fish from this weed choked lake and you’ll be able to do the same thing following our lead with tips and techniques galore in this fast paced episode. Look for the Home Release Version of this show on DVD with added info, interview and more catches of striped bass to be on sale soon and added to out Library!
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