Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bass Video

In this fishing tips for Largemouth Bass Video Kevin Sewell talks about wacky worms and how he uses them to catch bass . He talks about the Anglers and how they love fishing wacky worms, he talks about the best styles and rigs to catch bass.

For your reading pleasure here is the transcription from the video by Kevin Sewell.

There we go. Alright, oh! Real big bass, holy cow! And nice bass guys. Nice bass! Man in this video guys, holy cow! That jump was awesome! I’m doing a video featuring wacky worms guys. Get down over here buddy! I’m fishing some wood in this spot, it’s about five feet of water only. Man, big bass. Oh! Get over here. Haha! Giant guys, just a giant! Man this is gotta be pushing, six-six and a half pounds. Holy cow! Some fishing wacky worms guys, they’re one of the best baits for largemouth bass fishing by far. Look at this bass, kinda skinny but long. Holy cow! Oh my goodness! Oh beauty! Thank you buddy.

Alright, I’m gonna go right to the tank guys. Check out the action that these wacky style worms have. I’m fishing a wacky style. I like to use these wide gap hooks; get a closer look here. I like to use his wide gap hooks, when I’m fishing these wacky worms and I’m basically just twitching it up and letting it fall back down towards the bottom. And, these worms, have a pretty good weight to them, so you can cast them at pretty good distance; I’m using a fourteen pound line today and a medium heavy rod and I can cast these worms a long way, with nothing on there, no split shot, no weight; just a single wide gap hook and my wacky worm.

In this video guys I’m fishing this the most popular way that anglers fish it. Anglers love fishing this wacky worms weight less. And the reason why is they just flat out work. They’re awesome around all types of shallow water cover, and with that slow twitch and pause retrieve, or just a little lift and fall retrieve; this worm’s gonna do most the work for you. Now you can fish these on different rigs; you could fish them on a shaky head jig, Florida rig, Texas rig. They don’t look as good with these other rigs though; with a drop shot rig, hooked to wacky style, it actually does look pretty good. A lot of anglers catch bass with these worms with a ton of different rigs, but the most popular way is definitely a weightless rig hooked to wacky style.

Got one, yeah! Nice! I was just moving along and I took a blind cast, oh this is a big bass guys; let me get this boat turned here for ya. You see there’s a big log back here, or big set of trees over here. I was moving along, I took a cast by those trees, which led the wacky worms just sink. Pretty much doing nothing. Come on buddy! One more jump, I know you’ve got one on ya. No! That’s it huh. Yeah, yeah! Oh I love fishing these wacky worms, that’s why some people will call this a do nothing bait. Sometimes you gotta put in the work and give these bass some action but other times if you just make a good cast and let it sink, big bass will hit. Man, that was awesome!

There’s one, yeah! Big bass here guys, real big bass, I just hope I can get him out of this wood. Oh, come on in here baby, yeah! Come on in here. Well he felt bigger than that, but still, definitely, not a bad bass at all. And he felt a lot bigger than this though. It’s a good one though guys, it’s a really good one. I went to the Gulp Sinking Minnow, which they called a sinking minnow but it’s really another wacky style type worm to get this last bass. Man! Let me get it back in. So I’m telling you guys wacky style worms, they work great for bass and you can catch a lot of big bass with them.

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Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips