How To Catch Bass In Winter

Learn how to figure out winter bass in this outline of lures and methods used by the pro’s. Frog jigs, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits, spoons, drop shot, taxas rigs and ect you can’t miss!

Key tips:
Fluorocarbon line, light line, slow down your retrieval, drag don’t hop, fish later in the day, fish bluebird days, focus on rocky deeper areas, do not cover lots of water, focus in on the best looking spots, look for deep fish on the graph.

Hmm.. In my personal experience, shaking the slack is the only way I have gotten them to bite a jig in the winter/cold water in Washington. I don’t shake it hard though, just enough to pulsate the skirt and slowly crawl it along. Not saying it doesn’t work here or anywhere else but small hops on a tight line haven’t produced anything for me in cold water. Great video and tips! The water temps are starting to warm up in Washington with this warm front we’re having. They drop down to 40 or so, maybe even colder in some areas of western Washington. But temps are in the mid 40s now, slowly creeping up to the mid-high 40s. Hopefully this warming trend continues because February has been known to get even colder than December and January here.