How To Catch Bass At Night

I like to fish at night every once in a while to get a different feel and challenge. These are some of the tips that I have learned over the years of doing it to maximize your time and energy while you are out there in the late hours.

Watched your night time bass fishing with your friend and excellent video and this one on the tips is spot on. Night time is my favorite time to fish in the late spring, up till around the first of June. After the fish come out of that little post spawn rut, night time fishing is awesome. For me , hands down the spinnerbait cast into the shoreline weedbeds is by far the most productive, and it is such and easy bait to use. However they are not always on that spinnerbait bite and your video covers all the bait choices so very well. Thanks again for excellent videos!!!

Any tips on fishing those green dock fish lights at night? Anything with rattles or a lot of movement seems to scare the fish out from around the lights.

That’s a good point. I only talked about changing your line around lighted docks, but it is definitely better to use more finesse techniques around docks. Weightless baits like flukes are good, drop shots, little swim baits, things like that. Good question dude!