How to Video Guide to Catch Bass

In this video Professional Fisherman Ron Colby gives you a step by step how to guide to catch bass and the technical aspects of bass fishing. He believes that angles and positioning play a vital part in bass fishing and are very important.

For your reading pleasure here is the transcription from the video by Ron Colby.

Make a good swift cast, and I like keeping my rod tip keep it down on the water. The tip starts bending back to the lure, and you want your line and the rod and everything; may be at about a 45 degree angle. And then when you get the hook, you get the bite, now you can do the same thing with a Carolina rig; you don’t wanna be coming straight up because you don’t move enough line to catch up with the fish. So when you get that bite, if you do a sweep set, you’re pulling a lot more line okay. You’re fishing a lot of open water and Carolina rigs and crankbaits, rip baits, things where you need to move a lot of line, you’re a lot better off by doing a sweep set and your hookups and your fish catching percentages will go up.

So the bait, you’re reeling just fast enough to get this bait in the wobble. And that’s what you want it doing, but picture it all the way down underneath the water. Okay, and as you’re reeling it, and and then you wanna stop it and then it’ll stop and float back up, reel, stop, then float back up, reel, stop, then it’ll float back up, reel, stop and let it float. And this is if there’s a fish following this bait, it’ll you know, it’ll getting really close to it and that thing stops and starts to float up, they’ll think it’s done something different and trying to get away or whatever and then they’ll hit it, they’ll usually hit it on a pause when you’re doing that. So what we got here is some typical bass cover. We’ve got some brush out here, we’ve got some floating wood, we’ve got a little ditch coming through the cut, we’ve got a rock with a little overhang out here on it, and then we got a little pocket that kinda forms up in between them. So, what you really want to do is you pull into a spot like this for bass, as you start with the first place, you expect the fish to be fit, hanging out.

Today’s very sunny, not a whole lot of wind. They’re gonna be hanging in the shade, if you see a shade line that the wind, if it’s on one side or the other you know, fish the shade line first. But because we, this is almost straight up today, we really don’t have a lot of shade from the brush, we’re gonna fish this rock in this overhang. So you’re just gonna take your worm and this is just a little flipper a pitch cast, you’re gonna flip fish it up past it and then let your bait slip for just a second, bring it up and you wanna work it; you don’t want to work the, rather a whole lot, you just wanna move that warm just a little bit and make it jump just a couple inches. You just wanna let it jump and let that worm sit.

Then you just bring it up, bring it up and work it past. Now when you’re fishing a worm or this kinda stuff, your hook set on this type of fishing technique, you wanna, you get that bite, you wanna reel down, point your rod right at your line and you want to bring it up very hard straight up towards you; cause you wanna pull that fish up and the rod right here, you’re gonna move a lot of line this way and you wanna bring that fish towards you and up in away from all this cover. So again, we’re just gonna flip it up to the tree and let it set there for a second. Maybe if we spooked the fish, let it set there and let him get turned around, he’ll come back check it out and then just swim it up.

Just let it work, pay attention to your line. You got a slack on your line, if you just try to fill the weight and just move it just enough, until you can feel it bumping into things, you can feel it bumping into a rock right there, some more brush, crawl it over a tree limb and just move it and keep it working, let it set for a little bit, and just bring it back. And again, when you get the bite, reel down and then bring it up, you go from about a 4 or 5 o’clock position with a rod tip, all the way up to a 12 as you’ve got a lot of heavy line and heavy brush you want to bring it up even further, you just put everything into it, get your line and your rod and everything right behind you over your shoulder.

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How to Catch Bass