Bass Fishing with Topwater Frog Tips

In this video Backyard Bassins’ Daniel Roberts talks about bass fishing with topwater frogs and shares some of his tips. He explains the basics of topwater frog fishing, like the frog colors, the tackle, etc. Daniel shares his views on the best days and weather to do frog fishing on. He also talks about the best ponds where you could fish.

For your reading pleasure here is the transcription from video by Daniel Roberts.

Hey Youtube! Today we got a cloudy overcast day, really low light conditions and this is the perfect day to fish topwater. Today I’m gonna be talking about the frog colors, the tackle; pretty much the basics to frog fishing. Now let’s start off with the tackle. When I’m frog fishing, I like to use a 6-foot-6 medium heavy and I also like to use 55lb braid on my rod. It can go, I’ve seen guys use 30, 30 to 65lb braid; it’s definitely a very very good range to, to buy your braiding for frog fishing. Now, I like to use a seven-point, 7/1 gear ratio, to pick up that slack line whenever I get ahead, really nice and quick. And, now some of the frogs that I like to use whenever I’m frog fishing: Alright we have, on a day like this that the sky there we have a lot of you know like a, the conditions are, it’s a overcast so there’s a white sky. You want to really try and get your frog to silhouette up against that white sky. So, on a day like this I’ll throw a frog with a white belly. You know, KVD sexy frog, Albino white-collar; BooYah Bronze Eye I believe it’s called (*Pad Crasher).
And I like to use the, the ya just white belly; if it has a white belly it’s good. Don’t really need to worry about the top of the frog. Now if it’s really dark low light conditions, night time frog fishing, I like to use something with a black belly. Matzuo Frog, BooYah. Now, those are some of the basics of frog fishing. We’re gonna get back to you guys with some more fish.

Alright hey guys! Hey YouTube! Doing a little pond fishing up at this, this old farm pond. Really good place to do some frog fishing, a lot of good duck weed and cat tail to throw your fish up
or your bait up in too. Just caught this little guy right here, we’ll get it released for you guys. Maybe a pounder. Alright! We’ll get back to you guys with more fish!

Okay, now we’re gonna talk a little about the basics of fishing a frog. We have a BooYah Pad Crasher in a Shack color; good white belly on the back of it. What I like to do is just make a decent cast, I like to throw up against you know some weeds, stuff like that. And, the cadence that I like to use for frog fishing is just twitch twitch pause, twitch twitch pause; and I’ll just, this is you know I’ll fish this, I do like to make a nice long cast and I’ll just fish it along. See you can look, this is prime frog habitat; you wanna almost think, might sound kinda dumb but think like a frog almost. You wanna think where frogs are gonna be, you know like where they’re gonna be pond skating at and some different areas that you’d think there might be a place that a bass would, would go after a frog. Like, along some of this duck weed, I’ll bring it to the edge of the duckweed and I’ll pause my frog. And that’s a place where the frog is gonna be sitting in ambush and waiting for a meal. Alright, so we’ll get back to you with more.

Alright, welcome back guys! Just nailed one here on the BooYah Pad Crasher! Just actually, actually I cast it out towards the middle a little bit, just experimenting and he hit it out in the middle. And, maybe a 1, 1 and a quarter pounder. We’re gonna release it for you guys.

Alright, got them!
Alright, welcome back guys! Got another one, probably gonna be our last fish of the day, it’s starting to thunder a little bit. So, we’re going to be heading out soon but, probably the smallest one, around a pound. But ya, this is a great pond for fishing with frogs. One thing you wanna pay attention to whenever you are fishing with a frog is the eutrophic levels of a lake and wolf the pound in this case. And it is a very very weedy nutrient rich pond that really provides good frog habitat and this is where you wanna fish with your frogs and just keep that in mind, along with the other things I said in this video, when you’re frog fishing. Thank you for watching this video and please subscribe and rate this video and subscribe to Backyard Bassin’.

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Fishinf for Bass with Topwater Frogs